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Channel Islands

Weymouth exceeded it's enviable reputation by providing exceptional sport-fishing for all anglers seeking a variety of species and numerous specimens

The season began with most of the charter fleet targetting the wrecks some 20 to 30 miles off Portland in the quest of large Pollack. Most boats were able to find fish but not in good quantities. However, the Skippers that were able and willing to search further offshore on the lesser known wrecks, frequently justified their fuel bill and their reputatation with lots of double-figure Pollack being caught by their customers.

The Bass made an impressive start to the season with the wrecks holding a good head off specimen fish over 10 pounds.

Black BreamProbably the best sport available to all anglers, throughout the whole season, was the prolific numbers of Black Bream that were almost always willing to make an appearance. Anglers specifically aiming for this quarry really couldn't fail and tremendous sport was often enjoyed by all, especially for those using the lightest tackle they could dare to risk. The best specimen tipped the scales at 5lb 8oz.

Undoubtedly the biggest surprise this year was the spendid Plaice fishing the inshore marks provided. The initial run of Plaice in the early Spring was typically average, then, in mid-July, we encountered an amazing spell of exceptional sport. Upto 30 fish were taken during one session, the best being weighed onboard at 6lb 11oz. Unlike most years the Plaice continued to provide good sport until the the end of October, when unfortunately, the weather broke and the water became coloured.

We are still searching for that really big Conger. There seems to be plenty of them, the biggest so far recorded on 'One for his Nob' nearly knocking 90lbs. Maybe next year?